Affiliate is very feature rich – with new functionality added constantly. The main features and benefits are listed below. If you find something to be missing in the plug-in or you have ideas for new extensions, please feel free to contact through Affiliate Plug.ins Google+ community.

Automatic price update

The plug-in can update prices on your pages semi- or fully-automatically. The semi automatic update requires just one press of a button the update takes place. If your server or hosting account supports Cron Jobs, you can get the plug-in to automatically update all the prices at a set interval i.e. daily. These updates cover both pricing tables as well as pricing information inserted through shortcodes.

Step-by-step guide

When you install the plug-in, you’ll be guided through a first-time setup. All items are explained directly within the plug-in, so you do not have to go and search elsewhere. Additionally, there is a short start-guide available via six easy and short video tutorials.

Download from web shops

Virtually all web shops and sites can be set up to be crawled by Affiliate without the need for a single line of custom code and setup is only a few minutes.

Handles multiple currencies

You can easily get prices from foreign web shops and show them along with the local currency of your choice. The plug-in also allows you to define your primary currency and convert all price-listings into this.

Affiliate links

When your affiliate network is added and set up in the system, it will automatically generate links in pricing tables. These can automatically be made ‘pretty’ if needed.

Simple setup

It requires no programmer or long term experience with WordPress to use Affiliate All configuration options are described directly in the plug-in, and the advanced options are hidden by default, so you’ll only see what is strictly necessary.

Global dealer configuration

Once a dealer/shop/supplier is created and configured it’s ready for use. The plugin reuses the same configuration in all pricing tables.

Ongoing development of extensions

There are both free and premium paid extensions available for Affiliate and new features added regularly. If you have ideas for integrations, functionality or usability we’d love to hear from you and make Affiliate your favorite system.

Flexible tables

The standard pricing table plug-in that comes bundled with Affiliate, includes an array of diverse table-layouts as well as a completely clean layout, that will adapt to your theme of choice (if the theme handles HTML table styling). Furthermore, it is incredibly easy for a programmer or designer to style the table or develop custom ones.