The easiest way to create a dynamic affiliate site

Whether you want to make a price comparison site or simply embed products from other web shops on your site, it’s nice to be able to show visitors the actual current price of the product.

With Affiliate you always have a site that displays the current price and makes sure to keep it updated.

Automatic Price Update

Prices on your page will update automatically.

No coding required

Affiliate can be used by everyone. No need to write a single line of code.

Built-in guide

Step by step guide built directly into the plug-in, helps you through the entire setup.

For more information including price read on.

Affiliate testimonials

On MyProScooter users can compare prices on e-scooters, e-skateboard and other vehicles and outdoor equipment. We use Affiliate in order to easily keep track of and update prices on the site. It’s a very user friendly plug-in, and in regard to the few issues we have experienced, we’ve received swift and knowledgeable support.

Vladan Ubiparib

Lars Rasmussen, the author of Affiliate, is a programming guru. He has created the most complete plug-in for affiliates. The plug-in does, what every serious affiliate marketer knows is the direct road to success: automation. We use it for almost all our sites and it is a gift for the music review site

Halfdan Timm

The best investment I have done for ages! Fully automatic price updates, reduced manual labor and a better bottom line. I only regret not starting earlier. I can’t recommend Affiliate highly enough.

Jens Jakob Andersen

What does it cost?

Affiliate is available for a fixed monthly amount, which includes the plug-in and support. The price is:

$30 per month

— or —

$300 per year

Save 2 months and 11 invoice!

License grants usage for up to three domains. There are no hidden fees or costs. Termination of subscription license can be done with one days notice. In addition to Affiliate there are additional extensions available, both free and paid. In addition, your license can be extended to be used on multiple domains.

Featured extensions

Both the main plug-in and features are continuously maintained and developed, including integrations to other systems as well as new functionality across the board