Lars RasmussenAffiliate is developed by 1337 ApS. The company is run by experienced WordPress programmer Lars Daniel Rasmussen.

In January 2011, I started the one-man business LDR Online wherein the actual development of Affiliate began. Since then a lot has happened and in January 2013 LDR Online was converted into 1337 ApS and all projects moved, including Affiliate

To help with coaching and feedback I’ve had great help from Kristian Konradsen from (a leading Danish affiliate marketer) – he was, so to speak, the first ‘alpha’-tester of the plug-in. An ideal test subject, because of him not having any training in technical IT nor WordPress. The plug-in idea came to when Anders Saugstrup and I started, where I decided to include price comparisons of popular SSD disks. As the computer scientist I am, I always try as far as possible, to avoid manual repetitions in workflows – and therefore it was obvious to automate the process of updating pricing tables from various online retailers. As the plug-in became more and more developed it became apparent that there was also a market demand for an easy-to-use Affiliate It quickly went from ‘just working’ to ‘ready to use’ by others not tech or programming savvy.

Besides Affiliate I have also started a few other projects, including the experience portal (translated roughly to: experiences you’ll never forget), where we sell the best experience gifts in Denmark. Here I am permanently assigned as a project-developer and have been, since its beginning. is a somewhat atypical challenge for me, as it’s developed in C#. I’m usually a PHP guy, but love challenges, which I why I accepted an invitation to join the team. Additionally, I love the whole “startup” mentality and like working with small businesses, watching the shoot of the ground and grow.

I try as much as possible to keep myself updated with all the WordPress community and especially the development of WordPress. Through my work with Affiliate I have become very accustomed to working with WordPress in all contexts. WordPress has gradually become my CMS of choice. In my opinion it’s one of the best CMS to work with: ultra-flexible and at the time super user-friendly. This flexibility combined with ease of use, is the main reason why Affiliate exits today. WordPress has made it possible to pack a lot of advanced functionality into a plug-in and make it user-friendly, so that even novices with PHP, programming and WordPress can use it.