SSSDisk is a price comparison site and general SSD Disk portal. AFP is responsible for the daily update of about 1000 prices from over 30 different vendors.

The site is the actual reason for there being an Affiliate this very day. In cooperation with Anders Saustrup development of the site started in fall 2011. Quickly it became apparent, that I could not handle all the pricing information manually. Therefore I began development of a plug-in that could print pricing tables and keep these, at least, semi-automatically updated.

At first, the plug-in, was only built to collect prices for SSDs, because of the pricing being handled for the individual SSDs (which were custom post types in WordPress), and not real pricing tables. After some hard work, I eventually found myself with a really solid solution, although it was very tied to this particular site. Gradually it dawned on me, what I had built. No long after, I decided to rebuild focusing on a more general solution, not only useable on SSDDisk.

When Anders saw what I had developed, he quickly started thinking in other usage-cases. Shortly after, Kristian Konradsen, of, came to function our first actual alpha tester. The real beauty of this collaboration was that Kristan does not have a developer background which led to valuable iterations in regards to both usability and bug-fixing.

Alot has happened since then. The plug-in has gone from being something quickly hacked together to an extensible and flexible plug-in updating thousands of prices every day.