Affiliate – I love you

This case will show you the effect of implementing AFP on my site: I’ll be addressing the following topics:

  • About the project
  • What has AFP helped with
  • Future plans

I have an ambivalent relationship with affiliate marketing. I hate it because it’s about one thing only: money. I love it because of the process, optimization and that I don’t get email in near the same amount as when doing consulting or as a webshop-owner.

AFP helps me with what I love. I’ll also gratefully take the increase in revenue.

About my project:

A conventional affiliate project, however differs a bit from other comparable sites. The vision was to create the best content pages on the subject of running shoes. From my point of view, this would require:

  • The best information
  • The best advice
  • The best guides to purchase

Affiliate helps with the latter. The running industry is conservative. The majority buy shoes in physical stores because “you have to be aware of your running style” and “you never know what size you need when shopping online”.

Specifics: What AFP has helped me with

Apperance of tables

I suck at design. See what the tables looked like previously.


CTA buttons are obviously made in Paint. table – after


(Lars: it must be said that I helped a little with the table setup. It’s not 100% standard).


Note the change in information. Now, we added:

  • Price information retrieved automatically
  • Deep Link

One thing is what you are actually able to see in the table. In addition, the plugin ads deeplinks. When setup once, the plugin will continue to update prices. If the shoe, price or link no longer exists, you’ll get a message when the price update runs.

The effect after three months with AFP implemented:

  1. 7% higher CTR. However, this could be done without AFP styling. Although I do find that the built-in tables are top of the line.
  2. 38% increase in earnings / clicks. A click in when someone presses the “Read more” button
  3. Better service for my users
  4. Less administrative work for me

You can see an example of the plugin in action here: